Mexico. The 51st State.

20 minutes to go before El Jobso gives birth to Naño and Wheelio (the new iPod twins).

I’ll take a moment to rail on Mexico for a bit. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I-35 makes a beeline for the heart of Oklahoma and aye carumba from there we have the problem. You see, we have an AMAZING diversity of ethnicity in Tulsa (can’t speak for our archrival’s in OKC). Hispanic, American Indian, Lebanese, Korean, German, Pakistani, Indian… we have awesome people in Tulsa. We get along great. Except…

The illegals are a double whammy on us in Oklahoma. We have ONE INS enforcement office. In OKC. They tell our police departments not to bother with incarceration. That’s utter BS!!! There are people BLATANTLY and KNOWINGLY hiring these illegals for cash on the job. No reporting. No questions asked. No answers given. They do a job and probably do it well. It’s when they wreck other people’s property (cars, home values, public parks and generally loiter around). Well, I have a problem there.

So, when Caleron begins spouting a bunch of crap that the U.S. has basically ceded our sovereignty to Mexico’s authority simply because their number one export is PEOPLE… Well, to that I say let’s annex their ass and put the pedal all the way down. Where’s Jefferson when you need him!?

Whew, just in time for the big event!

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