Urchin Web Analytics and OSX Server

OK, all two of you folks out there running Urchin on OSX Server might find this interesting. Everyone else… keep mulling what Leopard’s release date is going to be.

So, I installed Urchin 5.7.03 many moons ago. Today I activated the UTM (user tracking module) and E-commerce (ELF Processing) modules. And, guess, what happened. Big load of nothing. So, I follow what little instruction there is on the Google site (since they DID buy-out Urchin) and their documentation is woefully bad. You think Apple’s short on documentation… Boy howdy, the folks at Google Analytics have one on Cupertino.

So, all this to say, I’ll be posting EDITs to this post as I learn more. Feel free to do the same. Send me screen shots of the necessary Urchin settings & embedded scripts. I’d really like to get UTM and ELF working cross domain sooner rather than later.

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