On My Honor I Will…

GREAT article on the new CEO of the Boy Scouts of America at ABCNews. I really appreciate the emphasis on the leadership and integrity capacity of Eagle Scouts (of which I am one).

I would encourage EVERY parent out there to get to know your local scouting leaders and introduce your kids to a program that will enrich their lives and those in the communities in which they settle. The structure of this program encourages creativity, personal growth, social skills (and even pyromania… well, in my case… different story for a different time). Still, scouting starts in the outdoors and goes so many different places mentally, physically, geographically. Consider it a gift to your kids and community by getting involved.

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2 Comments on “On My Honor I Will…”

  1. john Says:

    Annette McGivney’s article, “Demerit Badge,” was dead on!! Parents Must Read…

    Annette McGivney’s article, “Demerit Badge,” was dead on and did not scratch the surface. I have been a leader, scoutmaster, District and Council Board member over my years of involvement with the Boy Scouts of America. I have come to understand that the Boy Scouts of America is a fundraising, business and political organization. Over the years, I have watched qualified leaders leave the organization and Scouts leave the BSA due to the political nature of the organization and its relevancy to today’s young men.

    I stopped being a believer when I witnessed more than 1,500 scouts suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion at the National Jamboree in 2005. I watched the Boy Scouts of America allow boys to march miles in 100 plus degree heat and make them sit for hours in the sun before the Jamboree show without adequate water or cover. It developed into a scene out of a war movie with boys and leaders lying on the ground, helicopters and more than 100 ambulances lined up to take boys to the local hospitals. Our medical centers were filled throughout the night, and to this day the march of the scouts to the 2005 Jamboree show is called the “Death March.” The Boy Scouts of America was not prepared for the weather conditions and the number of participants. Thank God the US Army took over the management of the Jamboree after that incident. At a lunch after the event, the Boy Scouts of American leadership at my table only spoke about their pensions and retirement benefits. No mention was made of what the boys experienced.

    In my Council, there are very few leaders that I would trust with my son for any outside activity. The activities my unit is involved with are with other groups, such as the Florida Trail Association, that have qualified leaders who know what to do in an emergency situations. The problems the Boy Scouts of America face today is in finding qualified leadership, improving and developing strong training programs, relevancy for today’s youth and stopping the politics in the volunteer and Scout organization ranks. It was a great organization, and maybe under the new leadership, will be revitalized.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    @John- Sorry to hear of the state of things inyour council. We clearly don’t experience anything like that here in Tulsa. I’d encourage you to take it up with Nationaland get the issues squared away.

    On the fund raiser side… I never, ever felt my Scouting experience was going to be defined by how much popcorn I, my patrol or my troop were able to peddle to our families.

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