Amazon S3

I’ve been doing a LOT of prep work for the AWS Startup Challenge. My starting point is Amazon S3 (storage).

Grocio’s going to require at least two (maybe three) of the AWS services: S3; Elastic Compute Cloud; and possibly… some components of the E-Commerce service. At register time S3 was the only component I absolutely had to have. The more I noodled things around… I came to the very easy and natural conclusion scalable computing should NOT occupy our time or consume our capital. I’d rather be spending that money on talent, not infrastructure and the engineers that make it do magical things. Not at this stage. Maybe not ever.

So, when I heard Panic’s Transmit supports Amazon S3… guess what I just bought? 🙂  I’m also finding the Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET options are STRONG. VERY, VERY STRONG.

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One Comment on “Amazon S3”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    Ruby/Rails has great support for S3, you can tie it into a rails app as it were any other type of storage. Hit me up and we can discuss as I have built a few apps with it.

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