Offline Web Apps. How Important To YOU?

Zimbra, Zoho, Google Reader/Apps, Remember the Milk… all are either already or are showing tendencies toward offline accessibility to your data.

Technologies in play: Apache Derby, Lucene, Google Gears, SQLite

How important is that turning out to be to you folks… Being able to take your data on the road? Thanks! (On a fact finding mission with this one. Really appreciating your help in advance!)

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8 Comments on “Offline Web Apps. How Important To YOU?”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    I do not use offline web apps at all, and I am more of a web power user than a lot of people. I have also built small prototypes with Google Gears so I also have experience with that, even with that said, I don’t find them that useful. The only time that I seem to really be offline is when I am in the air, many carriers are taking care of that for us anyway. Overall, Not useful at all right now.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    @Mr. H. Thanks for that. I hope you’re odd man out this time around. C’mon folks! I need some more points of reference PLEASE!

  3. Billy Says:

    I use Google Reader offline when I go on car trips. Really great for getting caught up on feeds. That’s really the only offline web app I use. I like the idea, I just haven’t needed it much yet.

  4. jed Says:

    I think it’s fantastic and the big hold up between many of these web apps being able to fully replace legacy desktop options. I am so frustrated when I’m the passenger in a vehicle and bound by the pathetic state of net access on the open road. Having offline web apps means I can use google docs and work while sitting at my favorite bar that has yet to provide wireless access. Dreamy.

  5. Khurt Says:

    Off line access to Google Docs, Gmail or Google Reader is not very important. In fact I use these applications because they are online. I want to be able to access/share/create data/content no matter what network connected device I am using (Windows, OS-X, Linux, Wii).

  6. hornbeck Says:


    Do you ever feel like you will need these apps offline? I think that is the main argument is that people want to be able to use these apps while they are not connected, such as in a car. My issue with this is that I never really have that much to do I guess that would require one of these applications. I guess a bigger issue for me is that my iPhone canceled my need for a laptop when I am out and about, I have gmail/google reader and I don’t really use docs that much anyway.

  7. gwhiz Says:

    @Mr. H – A LOT of people still have “not-always-on” connectivity. Why? I dunno. Waiting for that something better to come along I guess 😉 And, apparently, in Europe folks are largely charged by volume of traffic… as much as our boxes like to talk with the mothership for lord only knows what reason… They do a LOT of offline stuff. To the point their modems/routers are on one UPS wile the computer is on another. They simply deprive the network gear of juice. Problem solved. Money saved. Low-tech, but does the trick.

  8. Paul Says:

    I know that getting an iPhone has increased my interest in offline data access. I’d love to be able to pull over decent amounts of data on wifi for use when I have to fall back on edge, and I can think of many applications that could be possible with a sandbox like google gears.

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