New Leopard Seed 9A559

If you’re one of my fellow ADC buddies out there… 9A528d just appeared on ADC.

I’m betting this is the last seed we see as developers prior to GM. Beware, there is an interesting matter of a new updater. Login. You’ll see…

[EDIT: Well, shut my mouth! 9A559 sure came out fast! Wonder if this is “the one”? Given the late date… it’s all but certain we won’t see Leopard at the Apple Store on Monday… I’d love to be wrong on that one btw. Apple might just want a full Q4 for Leopard sales… Hmmm.]

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5 Comments on “New Leopard Seed 9A559”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    Hopefully Safari is a little more stable this seed, the last seed was way buggy for me.

  2. Mark Says:

    What was interesting about the updater? I saw something I didn’t expect, but I suppose that one man’s “unexpected” could be another man’s “interesting”!

    As for being the last seed before GM, I’m not convinced. Two reasons: 1) The relatively short life of 9A500n and the last SU test, and 2) This is my first year having a paid ADC membership but IIRC the words Final Candidate being bandied about pre-Tiger and all the others. I’ve not heard that mentioned yet.

  3. hornbeck Says:

    There seems to already be a newer version than this one live

  4. gwhiz Says:

    Good! Lost my bet. Kind of like when I wash my car… seems rain becomes the weather du jour.

  5. […] Release Date October 07 [EDIT: Leopard seeds are accelerating. We’re now sitting at 9A559 as of last Friday night. This is rumored to be the final image. Frankly, I’m surprised […]

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