Installing Leopard 9A559

Wouldn’t it be fun for Apple to snooker us all and launch Leopard this Monday, October 1?

Hell, might as well fan the flames of desire here a bit. C’mon, dontcha think?!

They’re calculating like that. Take for instance, the iPhone. They deliberately launched it late 2Q2007. All just to get a pop for the quarter on ye olde stock ticker (AAPL) and punch up the Q2 results.

I can see them trying to milk Q4 for everything it’s got in it with an October 1 release. Yeah, I know, it’s all blue sky speculation and tin-foil-hat tom-foolery. But, still, they’re sly like a fox that way and I could totally see them kitting up the DVDs for the past two weeks while they feed us three or four week old images throwing us off and onto a cold trail. Why would dear old Apple do that pray tell? ‘Cause they can Timmy. Cause they can.

This release has been given the back seat while iPhone an AppleTV took center stage for the first half of 2007. As of 9A559 Leopard’s tight. REAL tight (especially Server). I’ve been using the latest greatest as my production machine for two solid weeks. So, it wouldn’t shock me in the least if Apple came out swinging for a full Fourth Quarter performance. Get this right and get it tight as a drum before the holiday season, gin up word of mouth and I see AAPL posting some mighty fine numbers on unit sales all the way around. Leopard has the teeth in it to drive some killer innovation across their product lineup (iPod, iTunes, iPhone and of course Macs).

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4 Comments on “Installing Leopard 9A559”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    I just wish that I could get 9a599 to finish downloading. Nothing but trouble so far, with timeouts and such.

    Also, how was the release party?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Oh, you HAD to bring THAT up!

    Couldn’t pull off the visit with my two Google contacts. So, didn’t go. Now, I see Guy Kawasaki was there and all kinds of cool folk. Feel like I wrote my lottery numbers down and forgot to buy the winning ticket. DOH!

  3. Mark Says:

    > Wouldn’t it be fun for Apple to snooker us all and launch Leopard this Monday, October 1?

    I’ve been seeing rather a lot of a very worried high-ranking member of the armed forces which makes me sure that this won’t happen next week. Having said that, he is a very predictable character, so you never know…! 😉

  4. chaepod Says:

    I wish lol. I would be suprised if they did… going through all that trouble to lie to us… Although youur points are logical …


    Now you’ve got me hyped up… I want them to release it on the 1st so bad~!!

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