Leopard/iTunes Visualizer Video

OK, how about some early Halloween eye-candy folks?

Pixar’s Lifted

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5 Comments on “Leopard/iTunes Visualizer Video”

  1. Phasenoise Says:

    Cool Demo,

    What are the choooons you’re playing there?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    OK… Just took it full screen and the first track is “Clear Cut” from Bomb the Bass & Lali Puna (link launches iTunes).

    The second track is a mystery to me. Anyone?

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  4. ljsmithx Says:

    Where the hell is the menu bar?

  5. gwhiz Says:

    @ljsmithx – Looks like whoever recorded this only grabbed a portion of the screen. As it’s not my screencapture… I can’t tell you what happened or why. You might click on through to YouTube and ask the person who uploaded the video…

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