OK, I’ve been sitting on the fence of this one for a while mulling whether LinkedIn is as troubling as the claims of one Mr. Scoble (that’s what I call him… hey! It’s better than what he calls himself… “idiot” 🙂 ).

My conclusion comes in a bit differently than my acquaintance in Half Moon Bay though. He’s seeing Linked in as an expectation for your “friends” to DO something for YOU. I have no such expectations. In fact, it was Daniel Brusilovsky who really put me to the challenge thinking about this… The whole idea of “six degrees of seperation” piques my curiosity. I’ve popped in some names at LinkedIn only to find I’m two degrees seperated from some very amazing amazing household names. The best part is… I’m one degree separated from some who, I feel, could become the next crop of household names. Amazing people. Every one.

Now, if I can serve as a conduit for someone at some point in their career (Daniel, I’m thinking specifically of you bud) I’m absolutely going for broke. To think I might in some way, some day be able to say, “Yeah, I think I might have helped introduce those two.” Well, that’s what LinkedIn is all about to me. Granted, I don’t have 30 bazillion people pinging me on LinkedIn like Mr. Scoble did. Still… ping me if you want to. I’m easy. 😉

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One Comment on “LinkedIn?”

  1. Thanks for thinking about me! I hope you like it!

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