Little Leopard iChat Anyone?

Anyone want/need to test out their Leopard iChat chops?iChat me at

[EDIT: Two chats later… I’m VERY impressed with the quality of the first. Stable and delivered everything as expected. Voice. Video. Screen share. File share. Fair bit of physical distance – central US to one of the coasts…

The second one… not so good. LOTS of physical distance. Connection hiccups galore.

So, a little better than 50-50 in my book. ANY OTHER TAKERS?]

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2 Comments on “Little Leopard iChat Anyone?”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    Well, well. I don’t think I’ll top THAT iChat session any time soon. You know who you are and I really appreciate the tinkering around and the chatting!

    Folks, iChat’s screen share… OMG! Finally!! That is going to be one KILLER feature in client.

  2. ken Says:

    Hey gerald! Saw you tagged on TUAW today! Way to go!

    Hope all is well in T-town, come see us at the store sometime!


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