AppleTV. How’d I Do THAT!?

I’ve had the AppleTV disconnected now for… a couple months. Reconfigured the home entertainment system at the time and it just never made it back into rotation.

Enter the iPhone. As you know, I’ve been Handbraking our kids’ videos so they can watch them in the car. So, now we have quite a library of ‘on-demand’ entertainment and it is helping tip me back in the direction to hook up the AppleTV.

Enter much head scratching. Last night I brought all the AppleTV components (or so I thought) back to the entertainment cabinet for a quick redeploy. Wrong: Our TV is like so many others out there… RCA jacks for video, L and R and a cable input. That’s it. Same on our DVD Player and VCR. No HDMI inputs. No optical audio. No component video.

Now, how the hell did I get this working before? It was working some moons ago and I want it back without having to shell out any dough for a new TV.

Someone jog my memory. (I should have blogged the config or written a diagram… But, Oh No. I’m too smart for THAT!)

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