iTunes. Safari. iChat Next For Windows?

I wonder if that’s too much of a stretch? There’s plenty of Apple goodness flowing the PC direction to make me wonder… What’s next to make its way “over there”.

QuickTime many moons ago. iTunes has leapt the chasm. But, that makes a helluva lot of sense from a revenue point of view. Safari’s over there and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. After all, what’s in it for Apple to commit development cycles to doing that? (scratching head & shrugging shoulders). But, if they’re willing to do that and porting things like Bonjour and with all the hype surrounding video and “video conversations” (hat tip Loic LeMeur and Seesmic)… why not port iChat to Windows? Who’s to say they haven’t already done it? And, yes, my tin foil hat fits a bit snug.

Now, if part of the Apple strategy is sucking some of the oxygen out of Microsoft’s tent… You don’t do that directly and win. It has to be overt and COVERT if possible. Little bits at a time until one day they wake up and realize one billion ants just ate their lunch. An iChat experience for the PC crowd makes a lot of sense right about now.

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8 Comments on “iTunes. Safari. iChat Next For Windows?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I’m not so sure about porting iChat to Windows – that’s one of their “big features” of OS X so I think it’d be a bit of a mistake. Unlike iTunes and Safari, Apple don’t sell any hardware to take advantage of iChat so it wouldn’t make any money for the company and would, in fact, be one less reason to buy a Mac.

    Porting iTunes, as you’ve pointed out, has an obvious reason. As does Safari. Indeed I think the reason has the same root as the iTunes port: the iPod and iPhone. A large number of webmasters are still in the position of not knowing or simply not caring enough to build a website to work across a range of browsers, but Apple wants *all* websites to look great on the iPhone/iPod and the best way to do that is to put Safari into as many hands as possible. If that means it needs to run on Windows so IE code monkeys can build iPhone pages/webApps then so be it.

  2. SeanC Says:

    I am interested in iChat based on the fact that it appears to run multi-point conferences? You have to pay for that in the Windows world (Polycom, others). We have used lots of clients (skypes, the IM’s etc) but the all LEAVE our network to make the connection in the public internet and than back to the far-side. I have a lot of sites all connected via a private network (t1).

    Personally I do hope they port it. i would pay for it (ala QT pro)

    Anyone know if there is another multipoint softare that migth be free/trial?

  3. krye Says:

    For one reason, Safari was ported over to Windows for developer use with the iPhone. 1.3 million iPhones sold. How many do you think are Windows users? A lot. I think Apple figured they should let them get used to the look, feel, and functionaloty of Safari, since they are already using it on the iPhone. One day (Feb 08) when third party apps are supported, I think it will make sense to have the same browser on your iPhone as well as the computer you are using to develope those new iPhone apps.

  4. Daniel Says:

    Doesn’t Apple make a few bucks from Google searches? The more people use their browser, the more money they make. Add to that the already mentioned iPhone web development, and it might pay off.

  5. James Says:

    safari was ported before you think it was. its embedded in itunes! always has been. when they ‘released’ it for the pc, all they did was take the webkit core out of windows itunes and make it the full browser. hardly taxing stuff. (not disrespecting them, hats off infact, made my life as a web coder that much easier)

  6. gwhiz Says:

    The whole Safari as a revenue generator makes sense. I had forgotten the deal Apple reportedly cut with Google. And @James… You’re absolutely right. WebKit core drives a gob of the goodness in Safari for Windows. But I’m reminded of the rationale behind doing it – The Google revenues.

    Now, how to make the case iChat for Windows? Apple won’t play in that sandbox unless there’s a chunk of change waiting just under the surface.

  7. brandee Says:

    thats a great idea i think, that way you dont have to buy a mac somputer or a hared drive for so much. i like trhat idea. make it happen .

  8. ron Says:

    I think it’d be a great idea! I’m a Mac person, and I am presently stuck with a PC while my Mac is repaired, and then potentially used by my parents. I already installed Safari on this piece of crap, and I would love to be able to use my Mac stuff on a PC.

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