Are You Prepared To Install Leopard?

We’re down to the last 48 hours. You might prep for Leopard by doing these couple things NOW. When you buy the commercial install of Leopard (as opposed to the developer seeds bumping around the torrent sites) have two things in mind:

FIRST: Backup your current production drive off to something else. Something suitably large. Something stable. Something you can boot back up off of should you need to. For what it’s worth I’d recommend Carbon Copy Cloner for this task and a FireWire drive of your favorite flavor. USB drives are notably spotty as startup drives these days. The technical reasons for this escape me.

SECOND: After you’ve installed Leopard have a second HUGE volume off to the side (physically a seperate drive, not just a partition on your boot drive). 500-750Gb. This will be for your Time Machine backups. Nothing else goes on it. It’s dedicated for the goodness in Leopard.

Yes, by doing this, Leopard’s total cost of ownership just went up. Your transition from Tiger to Leopard will be much improved and Time Machine is so much better a method of backing up… it’s worth the extra bucks.

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3 Comments on “Are You Prepared To Install Leopard?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Good advice, although it’s worth mentioning that your backup drive needn’t necessarily be dedicated solely to Time Machine. You’re not prompted to erase it beforehand, so there’s nothing to stop you from keeping other stuff on there – temporary gubbins which doesn’t need backed up.

    BTW, this is my first year as a paying ADC Select member so have you any idea roughly how long you usually have to wait for the GM to pop up online after release? Given this year’s WWDC shenanigans, I’m assuming it won’t happen on the same day.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Mark – A good counter and, of course, you’re right… Still, if Time Machine is hogging the volume and you’re trying to work on a Photoshop file you sure don’t want it set up to act as a cache volume for Photoshop, etc. Of a sudden lots of important stuff slows unnecessarily and avoidably. Just my $.02 for the day.

    As for the ADC… if Apple holds true to what they did with Panther and Tiger… we’ll receive a complimentary GM of Leopard CLIENT about 4-6 weeks after launch. Most definitely NOT same day and don’t expect Server to come in the mail. It won’t (unless Apple’s being unusually generous). So, when I bought this last round of XServes… I bought the Server Maintenance Program. Major OSX Releases (client and server) will come in the mail for the next couple years. Money well spent.

  3. Mark Says:

    WOW! ADC baby. Client AND server. Woot!

    /Only thing missing is the shiny box (oh well, I guess you can’t please all the people all the time 😉 )

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