Go Ahead. Use My Imagination.™

Was talking with a good friend and very talented, creative “ad man” at lunch today. The topic of Apple came up. We both, admittedly, have a really Bad Apple Habit. Mine’s worse than his only because of my lack of personal restraint. We wrapped up our yammering and mutual happiness with the white, black and metallic sheen of the world and he went back his shop.

I, on the other hand, sat here noodling the things we didn’t get around to saying. The more… cerebral stuff. And, then, it hit me why we like Apple’s stuff so much more than, say they Zune or Microsoft’s table-top thingamajig (which I happen to think is actually quite cool).

Apple isn’t afraid to Go Ahead. Use My Imagination.™ They habitually paint a roadmap of a product line (iPod WiFi excluded) and turn it into something I never knew I would love to use. I use “turn” as an active verb… like on a potters wheel. They mold their products and breathe something into them wholly distinct from everyone else’s stuff.

Beware Leopard. You’ll never know you really wanted half of what’s new until you have in front of you.

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