Alex Voice in Leopard (How-to)

There are some people asking… how’d you record that nifty Alex voice?

First, it’s built into Leopard. You don’t have to purchase anything. Don’t get tricked into that one.

Second, be prepared to learn a very little bit about Terminal (if you can copy and paste… you can do this).

If you want Alex to read something to a file do the following in Terminal (but don’t type the quotes):

“say -v Alex Hello. My name is Alex. -o ~/Desktop/Alex.aiff”

What that will do is invoke the Alex voice to speak the sentence above and store the output to a file on your Desktop named Alex.aiff. You can now import that into iTunes and then export it to an MP3 (or whatever filetype you like).

Now, if you want Alex to read an entire text file simply do this instead:

“say -v Alex -f ~/PathTo/File.txt -o ~/Desktop/Alex.aiff”

Where the Path to file is literally where the file resides on your Mac running Leopard. Again, it will store the output to a file named Alex.aiff.

Have fun.

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7 Comments on “Alex Voice in Leopard (How-to)”

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  3. Erica Says:

    Thanks for this post – I’ve been having fun recording .aiff files of “your momma” jokes and sending them to coworkers. Isn’t technology grand?

    I think my legally blind dad might finally switch to OS X, on the strength of this feature.

  4. gwhiz Says:

    @Erica – THAT’S what I’m tawkin’ about! I’m really jazzed about a lot of this stuff. Some of it, I just don’t grok yet. No matter. It’ll seep in eventually.

    My granddad was blind as a bat in his later years. His love and hobby was ham radio and despite the fact he could no longer build the antennas or operate nearly as efficiently as once before he LOVED to listen to his CQ magazine on tape.

    So, the association I work for by day has an aging population and we’ve been recording the abstracts of our articles with the Alex voice for about a year now and they LOVE it. I’ll blog this in a bit more detail as a post all it’s own. Thanks for the inspiration for this new entry.

  5. me Says:

    is this possible to do in 10.4??

  6. gwhiz Says:

    Nope. This is a Leopard only feature. However, the cepstral voices are 10.4 friendly.

  7. KeynoteKen Says:

    If you install the Leopard Developer Tools, you’ll have an app called “Speech Synthesis Example”. It’s essentially the same thing which allows you to save the spoken text as an .aiff file but in a nice easy to use GUI. You can see the interface as Item 4 on this page.

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