ZFS’ Looking Ahead

So, OK, the rabbit’s out of the hat: Leopard’s launched. More specifically, Leopard Server has launched. There’s not been a lot of blogging about Server, which is where I spend a good deal of my waking hours. I’m going to write a very little bit about ZFS in a minute. But, do yourself a favor afterwards and go to AFP548. They’ve done a more than fair article on Leopard Server and I’m sure will follow on with their typically awesome in-depth plumbing.

So, on to ZFS. I read Jonathan Schwartz’ latest about the Network Appliance filing suit against Sun over ZFS. It’s really too bad this couldn’t somehow be resolved at the C-Level. Network Appliance has probably just threatened the wrong action and not taken the high road when they could have. Granted, it’s not too late to drop the matter. But, the idea of someone suing over an free technology just boggles my head. I can’t grok this at all. That’s akin to Microsoft suing Apache (please, Redmond, don’t get any new bright ideas) or Oracle blasting MySQL. I sincerely hope this doesn’t become some kind of trend. Defense of IP I can wrap my head around. It would be a wonderful thing if the Network Applicance CEO would be as transparent about their grievance as Dr. Schwartz has been about their position.

What does all this mean for those of us already enjoying ZFS? That’s the great thing. Sun indemnifies all it’s downstream users from the legal repercussions. Even if this went Network Appliance’s way I’m left thinking (not necessarily knowing) I could continue to use the ZFS distro as I have it right now.

Time will tell.

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2 Comments on “ZFS’ Looking Ahead”

  1. Alexandra Perry Says:

    What if net app starts going after users like the RIAA?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    @Alexandra – Then I’ll make their first stop an easy pick: Gerald Buckley, 2630 South Trenton Ave, Tulsa, OK and call me at 918-813-9745. I’ll have my ZFS enabled drives on the ready. This one I’m not terribly afraid of even in the event Sun somehow loses this round (which I serioiusly doubt will happen).

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