Odometer hits 300,000!

Very nice. Today, sometime, the odometer at the gWHIZ blog will hit 300,000 visitors served.

It’s always fun to hit a milestone like that. After all, I’m a high-score kinda guy and like chasing my own last best performance and topping it when and where I can. So, with that fun in mind, the banner has changed a bit. Celebrating a bit by splurging for the CSS editing capabilities of a WordPress hosted blog. See, learned a little bit about CSS due to… blogging!

Most importantly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to those who have made this so enjoyable:

As always, Robert Scoble (who I cannot bring myself to call anything other than Mr. Scoble… once started it just stuck). Your correspondence, encouragement and friendship from afar are warmly received and valued. Thanks bud.

TDavid. You always make me go hmm… And, that’s a good thing. Your accessibility and spirit are infectious. Wrong word but you know what I mean. You’re the man of words. Not me!

There are special people along the way I’ve met and who deserve special recognition right here and now: Daniel Brusilovsky… The youngest podcaster I know who’s totally going for it. We’re going to learn a lot from this fellow over the years. I’m happy to encourage his growth in the industry and hope you’ll give his Apple Universe podcast a try. I know you’ll be glad you did. Daniel’s bootstrapping his operation. So, if there’s a little something you can do to help him… he’s just the guy to consider endowing.

My partner in crime, Ron Denton (aka RD). Ron is one of those rare guys with his finger in so much stuff I’m nearly convinced he’s gone Dr. Moreau on us and morphed a technologist with a proctologist and come up with some new race. Ron, I dearly enjoy talking with you as well as the people you’ve introduced me to these past few years.

Chad from Chattanooga. Am really enjoying getting to know you man! Appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm. It’s that kind of energy I feed off of when I can draw from my own well. Thanks!

Jill McCubbin. Dear, dear Jill… I wish the world were full of bright, talented marketers like you. The awesome products you represent and promote are lucky to have your affiliation and services.

Arvelle, Drew, Cory, Patrick, Dori, Mr. Hornbeck, Leslie, Michael M., Harrison Schmitt (last man to stand on the moon). There are so many people I would not have met had this journey not begun in the first place. It is my honor to have you as friends, confidants, correspondents and cheerleaders.

Fred Wilson, Lloyd Davis, Steve Rubel, John Battelle, Jeremy Zawodony, The ADC, AFP548, Seth Godin, Shel Israel, Doc Searls, Dave Winer, Om Malik, Guy Kawasaki, TUAW, DIGG, Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Land… Guys, this isn’t linkbait… this is the real deal. These folks make blogging the connecting sport it is. It’s engaging, enthralling and educational. I can’t count the number of times my misconceptions have been called out and set straight by more than a few of these folks. It’s a LOT of times I’ve been taken to the woodshed. But, I’m not proud. My skin’s thick and I’m a helluva lot better off for these people who call BS when it needs to be called. Some of them might do just that as I have surely unintentionally neglected to mention a ton of folks without who’s help and encouragement I would have stopped doing this long ago. [EDIT: Jeremy Liew, Jeff Barr, Evan, Joi, Loic, Niall, Rafe, Jeff Sandquist, OHHH!!… Ze Frank… Hell yes!! Paul Kedrosky, Don Dodge, Chris Pirillo, Marc Andreesen, C. K. Semple, HiveLogic, Mahalo to you Jason! Sew, Hugh, Matt & Co, The other Matt (the one everyone “is not”), Zeldman, Tim O’Reilly, Charlene Li, Brad Feld, Ross Mayfield, Thomas Hawk, John Furrier, Ron Matros, John Cook, . I’ll hyperlink each of you in homage in a while.] All these terrific people I’ve never met but who have directly impacted me, my outlook and personal blogging style and habits.

So, where do we go from here? Same places we’ve always been, in search of the things we’ve not noticed before. The world I’m in right now – at the intersection of Apple, development and my startup is ripe with interesting opportunities to blog and Twitter and get LinkedIn over around and through. That’s where I’ll continue to take the gWHIZ blog and hope you’ll enjoy participating as much as I am enjoying “delivering”.

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3 Comments on “Odometer hits 300,000!”

  1. TDavid Says:

    Hey thanks for the nod mon 🙂 I like the redesigned header image 🙂

  2. gwhiz Says:

    TDavid – thank for everything. I think you’re a fascinating person and set a pretty high bar all by your lonesome on your ventures. Always fun trying to keep up with your goings on and absorbing the stuff you have to share.

    The header looks worlds better than that grid I had going on earlier. Tinkering with the CSS and customizing it with two lines of brain dead simple code and two graphics… I should have done this a long time ago. Much better now.

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