I’m In It For The Long Haul, Pt 2

Continuing on the motives behind my little startup, Grocio… John O’Connor was first to ask, although I’m certain others had to have at least wondered… “Do you see this a a flip? Or, are you in it for the long haul?”

Answer: Long haul. Most definitely.

We talked a fair bit about management, business plan (not so much), founder’s equity, capital required (of course), IP and revenue models (at length). On management one of the hardest realizations during the long march to this point has been to admit I may not always be the right person to head up the company. For whatever reason, health, management style, phase of the company, industry connections… Coming to terms with that has been like coming to terms with mortality. Slow realization that sooner or later it will happen. Now I simply shrug and think how little hand-wringing I waste thinking about dying (that’s why I have life insurance and keep my affairs in order). Why waste any time worrying about if I lead my own company? Do I believe in it or not? If the answer had ever come back as anything other than a resounding “yes” I would be forced to concede that I had no business being on the payroll (which brings us to Pt 3).

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