Auto-accept iChat Screen-Share Script

Graydon Stoner had the fine idea to whip up a script to automatically accept screen-share requests via iChat (Leopard version only). Why would one wish to do this? Hmm?

Apple Remote Desktop, as much as I like it, has too much screen lag for my liking. Most of the time all I’m wanting to do is take remote control of the screen on the far end. For this, iChat is FAR more responsive and lithe at the task… to the point it all but dissolves the arguments MS remote control is vastly superior in the responsive dept. I don’t know how much more responsive Apple could make this.

Problem is, until Graydon’s script popped up on the interweb… there had to be two consenting peeps involved. No longer. Now, with this script installed and waiting for the proper Apple Event… I can now substitute ARD in favor of iChat if I really wanted (or needed) to.

Graydon, thanks for a cool solution. Hope you get lots of link love for your hard work.

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One Comment on “Auto-accept iChat Screen-Share Script”

  1. Graydon Says:

    Glad the script worked out for you. I’m looking for more functionality to build into the script so if you come across any ideas drop me a line.

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