Plaxo’s OpenID Implementation Falls Short

Regaining some good connections via LinkedIn. Along with that comes the occasional Plaxo request from someone I’ve recently connected with at LI. I’ve read Robert Scoble suggest a hot and cold bent toward Plaxo and I’ve finally experienced my “cold”. Yeah, I understand Plaxo’s “beta”. Still…

I like OpenID. It’s convenient and I wish more services implemented it well. Plaxo’s implentation is broken right now. As I don’t have a password at Plaxo (I’ve only ever used the OpenId method)… I can’t get in. So, Darin… sorry, whatever you had to say is outside my reach.

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2 Comments on “Plaxo’s OpenID Implementation Falls Short”

  1. Joseph Smarr Says:

    How is OpenID not working for you on Plaxo? If you email me your OpenID and tell me what’s wrong, I can take a look and see if I can get things working for you. BTW, Once you get back in, if you like you can also set a Plaxo password so if this happens again you can still log in via email/pw, but the whole point of OpenID is that it should always work on any site you use it with. 🙂 Thanks, js

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Joseph, thanks for the prompt participation (says good things for Plaxo). Appreciate the advice. I did reset my password. But, I really want OpenID to work… Tried it from three Macs all of which have worked a-okie-dokie with same OpenID for lord knows how long. (Also, sent you a direct email with screen shot attached. Hope it made it to you…)

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