Raising Capital On “Wall Tweet”

I tweeted prematurely the other night that Grocio‘s down to the final $73 in the account. There’s actually a bit more than that. So, the answer is effectively the same as then only a bit deferred… it’s time to raise significant amounts of capital (~$900K). It’s put up or shut up time.

I’d love to get some serious pitching action going. (ANY pitching opportunities will be gratefully accepted. I’ll happily pitch to Calacanis’ dog for that matter. Or Milan! I’m not at all picky and would welcome the practice and feedback.)

Why couldn’t Grocio pull off a Limited Private Offering to friends on Twitter, Contacts on LinkedIn, etc? We coined it “Wall Tweet” btw. There are regulations that need to be followed. Considerations, etc. Not the least of which are the “qualified investor” and the “advertising” restrictions. So, let it be known, I’m campaigning as of right now to raise the maximum allowable and am pulling together the PPM, et al. If I don’t know you yet… let’s get the formalities out of the way.

If I do not already know you or have you as a LinkedIn contact or Twitter follower… Probably will have to sit this one out. Otherwise, interested parties please contact me at my Grocio email address or ichat me at geraldb28@mac.com or phone me at +1 918 813-9745 (I’ll be in Dubai Dec. 1 -7.  Would love to talk before then.)

Here goes.

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