Building Your Own Web Site?

One of the more pleasant things about being an entrepreneur and being in startup mode is you meet others in the same boat as you. Birds of a feather flock together. We seek each other out, compare notes, trade recipes for success/failure and basically build a nice network of trust and advice.

Drew Harris, founder at QuantumDelta, has a valuable service that solves a need very nicely. Say your company needs to create a site (or lots of sites) and don’t really want to spend the time learning how to code HTML or hire out to build widgets. Or, for that matter, mess with the hosting and uptime, etc. Drew has nailed the do-it-yourself (DIY) site building with their QuickDesign site builder system.

Maintaining a site, adding widgets, changing look and feel, adding domains, assigning different levels of authoring permissions on content… It’s all in there.

It’s a privilege I take too seldom to stop and recommend others for their exceptional work. But, Drew and QuantumDelta’s QuickDesign site building system could very well be what you or a friend/family member need for work, church or school to get up and running quickly and without a lot of muss and fuss. It’s easy to use, a great time saver, affordable and for all the bells and whistles you get… a huge value. Drew has posted a free test drive. I hope you’ll try this for yourself or pass along to friends and family. And, just like me, Drew’s interested in feedback. So, if that little something would tip the balance for you… contact him… he’s super personable.

DISCLAIMER: I have no vested interest in QuantumDelta. As I do with the likes of DivX, MarketCircle and numerous other products/services I go out of my way to disclose my involvement. In this case, I’m simply smitten with the solution having recently investigated the site builder competitive offerings out there and am happy a friend and fellow starter upper has built such a cool solution.

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One Comment on “Building Your Own Web Site?”

  1. gabbriel Says:

    Interesting, we have the same in denmark with (in english) branded te mono site builder. The app is quite fluid works fine.

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