Dubai: “Under Construction”

Dubai This place is so Web 1.0. So much so that it should just have a big 404 that says “Under Construction”. It’s a beautiful place and the people are incredibly friendly (except that one ass-hat taxi driver this evening).

I’ve experienced chronic throughput issues at the hotel and the convention center. So, for a place dubbed “internet city”… meh, thinking not so much.

It’s midnight here and I’m off to the “other office”… Kinko’s… here in a bit to run out some poster sized banner art. Never ending and I’m on day three with no sleep outside of cat naps on the plane and the exhaustion induced 2-hour nap at the hotel. Feel surprisingly fresh after hummous/pita and pellegrino for dinner.

Dubai reminds me of a very large, more shiny and modern version of Manama, Bahrain (looks like I might be going there in March).  Lots of that darned dusty topsoil. My camera and laptop are going to hate this place. Palm trees everywhere. And the craziest kamikaze taxi cab drivers I’ve ever experienced first-hand.

To top it all off… there is an above-ground mausoleum outside my hotel window. Somehow this isn’t the picturesque promo pic on the web I recall seeing. Just glad to be on this side of the flying mess.

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