Shameless Call For Swag

I’m about to go into Friday’s London Geek Dinner with a pretty, shiny MBPro. Pristine. No stickers on her frame anywheres. I can’t have that!

So, anyone who’s game for getting me some sticker swag, or hats, or something so I’m not so… “lame”… would be appreciated. Otherwise, the cool kids are going to laugh at me. Call me names. Lik, “Muffy” or “Biff”. Ewwww!
FedEx, DHL, UPS this stuff to the hostel I’m staying at. We’ll see just how “proper” we can make my Leetle Frend. Run (do not walk) to the nearest courier.

Astor Kensington
Attn Guest: Gerald Buckley
138-140 Cromwell Road
Kensington, England

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