Set My Tweets Free In Dubai

I’m tired of not being able to participate in the discussion. Here I sit in Dubai with a need to blurt out <140 characters at will with my friends. And, I can’t. I can’t because @SomeoneInDubai doesn’t like Twitter. HUH?! Yeah, they’ve got a bone to pick. This being “Internet City” and all. 😉 Riiiiggghhht.D SomeoneInDubai GET A FRIGGIN CLUE! (That’s my best slighly sanitized, safe for work Sam Kinnison, btw. Wonder if he ever took the stage here? Nah.)

Yeah, is blocked. is blocked [EDIT: Except my iPhone accesses sites just fine that Dubai would otherwise block. Huh?]. Twitterific can’t update either. It’s all blocked. has more objectionable stuff than Twitter ever will (except for those *.* and B– and, well, you get the idea). Yes… ASCII can be a dangerous thing. Xerxes said it best though, “A pictogram is worth a thousand words.” So, block and let my Twitters flow like wine.

If, like me, you want to see Twitter set free in Dubai… Visit this link. They’ll never know what hit them. Now, I bet they’ll block for all the referer traffic. Sorry Matt & Co. I feel strongly about it. What can I say? (Mr. Scoble will be my one phone call from the Dubai pokey.)

Now, would someone with some swing (Chad…) please Digg this? I want em to feel a little bit of homestyle web 2.0 grassroots uprising before I leave. Besides, it would be a hoot to walk into the Geek Dinner with Scoble and say, “Damn! Did I just do THAT!?” Why, yes. Yes I did (with a gob of help from several thousand people).

The-Twitter-Uprising <<— Here’s what the comment screen looks like. Click to enlarge.

[EDIT: Oh, and the iChat protocol seems to be blocked too. Phooey! And, for those of you who have emailed me about various other sites… I’m not your puppet baby doll. But, yes, is blocked. And, no, I’m using my own personal MBPro for all of this. No workplace policies were harmed in the making of this post.]

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2 Comments on “Set My Tweets Free In Dubai”

  1. hamad Says:

    dubai is the arabian pearl

  2. gwhiz Says:

    @hamad – No doubt. I found Dubai thoroughly impressive. Particularly the roads and infrastructure. It’s odd though, isn’t it, the things the Emirates choose to allow and disallow?

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