Cold, Wet. But, Alive.

unless you live under a rock… You’ve. Probably heard Oklahoma was hit by a monster, freak ice storm. Were one of the affected 200000 households in Tulsa.No power for three days. No heat. Even the city water treatment is iffy. Batteries are spent. But, fortunately we’re able to cook and give the kids warm meals. The neighborhood is vacant except for us and the couple across.Ventured out yesterday to help clear a path out of the neighborhood and to bring back food/news. Hard going.Remembered my dual burner camp stove and loads of fuel… So we have fewer worries with lots of bottled water, etc.LOTS of extremely needy. Please, if you can, donate to Catholic Charities of Tulsa or earmark a donation to the ResCross specifically for Tulsa winter Storm Relief.Thanks for all the kind email and voicemail inquiries. Simply cold to the bone and in the dark 2/3 of the day.

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2 Comments on “Cold, Wet. But, Alive.”

  1. Michael Says:


    Good to hear your okay.

    What a way to return from your trip.

    Michael M.

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