Jeckyll & Hyde

This blog is really two things. First… my musings and ramblings on (mostly) Apple stuff. It is easily the dominant part of what I do here.  Most of you experience the site through RSS (as I publish full feeds).

The other half of the blog is the Link Blog (inspired by Robert Scoble’s Link Blog). I’ve been accumulating Apple stories, startup stories, VC stories, tech-in-general stories and sharing those links as I find them. Google Reader tells me the following about my recent “habit”:

From your 432 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 129 items, starred 56 items, shared 55 items, and emailed 0 items.

Unlike Mr. Scoble, I’m not a prolific consumer (skimmer yes, reader no… my “j” key couldn’t stand the pounding). I look at the headlines. Mark those things I think are particularly good and belt them out. But, you’d never know that unless you a) visited the main page of the gWHIZ blog and look to the right sidebar or b) subscribed to my shared Google Reader feed (which I think you’d find just as revealing about my interests as what I manage to write about).

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