Quark’s Free Book (on Adobe CS3?)

Odd isn’t it that Quark is basically saying… “OK, we KNOW you use CS3. Now, here’s how we can still be relevant and fit into your program.”

So, if you’re one of the seven “2 million” people in the world (which language distro are we talking?) still using Quark XPress… This free PDF might have some useful information on how to get XPress and CS3 to play together a little better. (“might” being the operative word)

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4 Comments on “Quark’s Free Book (on Adobe CS3?)”

  1. Jay Nelson Says:

    Actually, there are 2+ million people using QuarkXPress worldwide. They’re just not as loud and nasty about it as some InDesign users are.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Jay – Maybe that’s part of the problem. If the Quark customers became a more vocal & narsty lot Quark corporate would actually pay some attention. I did some work for Kumar Aulakh when he was a director at Williams Companies here in Tulsa (well before he became CEO of Quark). It was a different company when he and Tim ruled the roost.

  3. Jay Nelson Says:

    Aha. While I agree that the company rocked when Tim was in charge of the product, version 7 is a revelation. I had given up on Quark and on QuarkXPress when they asked to show me what version 7 would be. I actually declined.

    But the they told me what they were building into it, and — long story short — I loved it. We moved from version 4 directly to version 7, and I recorded the training video they put into the box. I also recorded a 5-hour training video for Lynda.com.

    And as I said, I had given up on them before that. But the leadership is completely new, and they’re doing an amazing job with customer service and with technical support. They’re reaching out, attending events, putting on their own, sending out representatives… all the things they should have been doing all along.

    Anyway, I’m optimistic about the product now, as well as the company. So much so that I agreed to be editorial director of a new third-party (independent) website: http://www.planetquark.com.

    I figure that if nobody else will trumpet their horn, I’ll help do it. I may be crazy, but at this time it seems to me like the right thing to do.

  4. gwhiz Says:

    Jay – In true Mac form… “Here’s to the crazy ones.” I’m certainly admiring anyone who will passionately take a stand like yours. So, could be they pull off a hat trick here and turn it around. They’re sure fortunate to have you in their corner and building positive content. That’s for sure.

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