Avian Spam

Don’t know about you but to me… the Avian Spam aka “Twitter Spam” is becoming a drag. I enjoy keeping up with people, real-time, sans the spam + the links but since the popularity of things like Twitter the whole “I just went pee.” thing and the “I just posted a new entry on my blog about going pee.” thing is getting very tiring.

I enjoy Twitter. A lot! Don’t get me wrong. But, if you were one of the fewer than 200 people I was following yesterday… please don’t be offended if you notice I’m no longer following. I’m glad you had a nice visit to the loo. I simply don’t need to be notified of such things, or your sleeping patterns, or how yummy that coffee is, etc.

Think I’ll take a personal break now. Back in a moment with yummy cuppa… 🙂

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One Comment on “Avian Spam”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    In Twitters defense… ArsTechnica is one of the more spammy of the notification bots. As long tas their entries are as meaty and useful as the one they just posted about Adobe and Omniture’s methods of domain masking/observing how their software is used I’ll be happy to continue receiving them. Guy Kawasaki on the other hand… his Truemors updates are over the top on the uselessness scale (to me anyway).

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