“Hiring” Technologist/Exec for Grocio.

My startup, Grocio, needs a brilliant technologist itching to create a business around their own cool code/architecture. Is this you? (Employee #2 if that means anything to you)

First, and probably most importantly, you must have pride of ownership (your fingerprints are going to be all over this);
You must be an implementor (not a visionary… a Get Things Done type is called for at this stage);
You must be a coder first and a SysAdmin second (not a .Net type… needing someone more of the XAMP sort. If Prototype and Scriptaculous are more than buzzwords to you… run, do not walk);
You must have scalable architecture chops (distributed computing or parrallel processing, MySQL replication and security);
Perfectionists need not apply as we will be learning lots of lessons and iterating quickly.

I definitely want to talk with you! email me at gerald at grocio dot com or phone/sms me (918) 813-9745 or ichat at geraldb28@mac.com. I’m twittering at geraldb28 and a bit of background is available at LinkedIn. Short of it is I’m an ambitious fellow looking to build a new business with other equally ambitious cool people (locally or remotely for the right people).

You may already have a nice paying gig right now. The person to fill this slot is going to be a cause driven individual as opposed to a cash driven one. A personable leader. The rewards of the job, for the immediate future, are going to be an equity position in the company and a perch on the ground floor of something lots of people will find a use for in their day to day lifestyle (provided we execute well and anticipate and correct for change appropriately). I’ll offer to be 1,000% honest with you the whole distance, a good listener, friend and mentor/student. Even though this isn’t a partnership you’ll be center stage making really cool things happen at what I hope will be the very early days of a fun and profitable ride.

I’m hoping the right person is one or two degrees away. Just give me a shout. No NDA’s required. And you can expect absolute discretion and full disclosure.

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