Welcome to 2008

2008 will see a host of comings and goings – personally and professionally.

Personally, I’m getting back to the podcasting scene and committing to the frequency (unfortunately, not the quality) side of things. I want to listen to a lot of new stuff and pare down what I already subscribe to. I’ve finally found a way to eek out the best quality I can out of a stock Apple setup with an external iSight. So, there’s that to look forward to from me this year (ehem). The house remodelling is endless. Those of you who know me well, know this is my own personal Purgatory. I don’t know what I did in the previous life to draw a sentence in DIY mini-hell. But, I’m paying dearly for it. I may just be sick-o enough to admit I like it most of the time though (shh, don’t tell). Building a wood fence this weekend. Post-hole digging in the Oklahoma winter ground doesn’t sound like a smart plan to me… We’ll see.

Professionally, being the sole architect of your own thing is darned tough. The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Abbott had Costello. Lucy had Desi. Jobs had Wozniak. Gates had Allen. I’m realizing we’re missing a critical component to Grocio and it’s become a hindrance to progress. I need someone who is equally passionate about the startup (John, Faron, Dori… yes, you folks come to mind). So, I’m officially recruiting for a technologist/implementor. Right here, right now. The pay is non-existent (it is THAT kind of bootstrapped startup!), cash flow is coming and the technology platform is very hazy and very early. So, the right person will have their fingerprints all over something very cool with the potential of being big, big, big. This is an equity deal. That’s going to have to serve as my bozo filter. We’re going to be working our assess off to build something of value. You’ll see there’s a lot has already happened behind the scenes. A lot more needs to happen. You’ll also find an atmosphere that is not stifling. Challenging? To be sure. But, you’ll find your concepts and problem solving are arguably the most important facet of the business. After all, who am I to shut down brilliance!? 🙂 918 813-9745 will reach me (voice or sms) gerald at grocio dot com with get me too.

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