Seige Politics

Just read a fine posting from Fred Wilson (aka A VC) on the New Hampshire primaries. I love politics and dislike politicians (I think that’s a Will Rogers quote) and have kept up with the pre-caucaus ruckus with a half-interested eye until this past week. Now I’m fully engaged.

If one thing came out of Iowa and New Hampshire it’s this: The race is wide open for all parties with the Democratic candidates looking a bit more strong on the electability side of things. But, there is no runaway frontrunner. Which is terrific. It means they’re going to have to take positions and really unlace the gloves and earn the votes. As it should be.

I’ve often wondered why it is a Senator, General or a Governor is most likely to run and win a Presidential campaign. I suppose they have the organizational experience, know the ropes and have access to the big money. Same reason an inexperienced schmo isn’t going to up and run GE tomorrow morning (Sears maybe): Experience.

I guess those days stopped long ago. Wouldn’t it be nice if a regular old citizen who has EXPERIENCE with being an American registered to run and simply sat on the sidelines waiting for a Fred Thompson or a Richardson to drop out and then come in and earn the election. Someone who didn’t play by the rules of the Primaries and Caucauses (I know I’m spelling that incorrectly, sorry).

Fred’s mentioned a couple of times how Bloomberg would be a fantastic pres. I’d go for that in an instant.

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