Back to My Mac – Cool

There are times when I do a stupid (OK, there are LOTS of times) and I need to either access my Mac or network resources back at the office. I’m not much for VPN access. Don’t ask. It’s just not for me.

But, I’ve had a dot Mac account since a long time ago and the Back to My Mac feature of .Mac may be the number two reason I keep it minus any further goodies from Apple (the public drive being number one). Yes, I have ARD3 installed on all the Mac servers. I’ve never had a good reason to use it to take control of my laptop at work though. So, I just tested Back to My Mac on the local network (two Leopard machines obviously) and I love it. WAY better than ARD3. Very fluid. Very crisp experience.

The real test is going to be accessing it from outside the network tonight from home. Will file an entry later tonight on that.

[EDIT: And that connect from home thing was a mess. Never did get it working. Not sure why. But, not typical of an “it just works like magic” Apple experience. Yuck.]

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2 Comments on “Back to My Mac – Cool”

  1. Says:

    Hey Gerald,
    Thanks for the comment. Macworld this week whew can’t wait

  2. John, it’s going to be a good time. Hope you’re able to drop in and blog your favorite stuff. My trip to Mountain View cancelled on me last week. So, will have to take a rain check.

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