Ford’s In Overdrive To Oblivion

What is it with American companies?! Sears stopped giving a rip (experienced that firsthand) and now Cory Doctorow is bringing to light Ford’s clamping down on their enthusiasts taking pictures of their Ford cars for publication in a calendar. Think the number 3 car maker in the world has a crummy policy like this? Kind of doubt it.

So, OK, I loosely understand Ford’s rights here. Still, how does that further their brand with the self-same rabid people who love the Ford branded stuff they own? Guy Kawasaki’s books have long suggested “Let a thousand flowers bloom.” or something to that effect. Ford’s not doing themselves any favors. Apple has the same rights. They not nutballs to this order. No way. They know how to harness their fan base.

When I do, eventually, buy that 2+2 Fastback Mustang I’ve been jonesing on for so many years… Bet your ass I’m going to photo the beast. Inside, outside, closeups, pano’s. I’ll publish them on my blog, my dot mac gallery, and every other place I can fathom. Ford might as well send me that cease and desist now. It could be just then thing to respark my love affair with a certain RS Camaro.

Props to Cory’s fine writin’ and LoudMouthMan’s lead.

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