Best Macworld Expo KEYNOTE Coverage (Links)

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The very best of the live JobsNote coverage (in no particular order):

Beware – Looks like Twitter is going to take nose dives on us during the keynote… TUAW site too.

So, I’m going to summarize the sites that ARE up in real-time as I can… HERE


Ars Technica (twitter) Is my early favorite
Macworld (blog & Twitter) Is my early favorite, too
Fortune (the link changed overnight. Someone know their new “correct” addy?)
Hoping someone will have Qik coverage… (Only an entire CATEGORY! Loving Qik!)

And, of course, the Apple sanctioned video will appear sometime today.

Feel free to link to others (IRC for instance) in the comments.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)

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11 Comments on “Best Macworld Expo KEYNOTE Coverage (Links)”

  1. […] to get MacWorld info The MacWorld keynote starts later this morning and Gerald Buckley has a list of the best places to get info about it. My Upcoming calendar has a list of the MacWorld events I […]

  2. AriX Says:

    Cunning.TV will have video coverage – 🙂

  3. And, just when you think the keynote was leaked… the person who fabricated it does the right thing (GASP!) and fesses up at

  4. extraface Says:

    Embeddable, registration-free live chat at

  5. there’s also a live chat n coverage going at 🙂

  6. o wait sorry i didn’t see the other link. feel free to remove my last 2 posts. my bad 😦

  7. […] Best Macworld Expo KEYNOTE Coverage (Links) [A special welcome today to our Google Reader friends. Please subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog.] The very best of […] […]

  8. […] if they can’t keep a lid on it, they may as well broadcast it or allow it to be done right. This blog even listed all the top coverage and updated it in real time with the status, since many went down […]

  9. Rob E. Says:

    Great coverage summary. I still think Apple should be webcasting it themselves. It reminds me of the E3 press events. For years they would not webcast, but they finally licensed live webcasting rights to various websites like Gamespot. While I understand it can be looked at as a revenue opportunity that way, I think controlling that experience is in the best interest of the brand. Webcasting it themselves allows them to direct people directly to the product shots and directly to the store to place orders.

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