The Magnificent Seven: iTunes Rental Experience

iTunes Rental

Just rented “The Magnificent Seven” via iTunes. Saw it a LONG time ago. Hmm, description reminds me of Bug’s Life.

Anyway, well within my first 24 hours of the rental and have started watching it as it’s downloading. So far, so good. Will be interested to see if there are any practical limitations. Such as – multiple viewings within the first 24 hours. What happens if I’m not connected to the net once the download is complete? Will it expire as expected? What if I change my laptop’s clock so that it never truly shows 24 hours have elapsed? What if it expires and I set my clock back to the a time the movie was valid?

I’m full of questions and it’s too early for me to answer much of anything. Yet. So, come back in 25 hours and I should have some more details.

Couple things I’ve learned since initial rental:

  • Yul Brynner made for one crappy cowboy. Cool look. Still… definitely a “dude”;
  • There seems to be no practical limit to how many times you can watch the rented video in the allotted time (once the meter begins running);
  • Loading onto the iPhone was as easy as any other movie;
  • The iPhone reminds you how much time remains on the rental;
  • Closed Captioning isn’t “in there” yet but chapters are;
  • I put my iPhone in Airplane mode and set the date ahead one full day. My rental disappeared from list of available. I set the date back and the rented movie didn’t come back. The space it occupied is now freed up.
  • So, if we go by the clock of the device… what happens to the road warriors whose computers get their time from NNTP servers and gets screwed on the rental? Admittedly rare… still, makes me wonder about these things.

More tomorrow.

Well, it’s like the rental never happened. I watched it yesterday. Plopped it on the iPhone (nice and intuitive). And, today, 25 hours later there is no residual image of the rental at all. Nothing that tells me I ever rented it. Seems un-Apple-like.

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