Want a Seesmic Invite?

I have two Seesmic invites to pass along. Leave a clever comment and you’ll score the rarest invite on the web today.

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5 Comments on “Want a Seesmic Invite?”

  1. Let us have one of those invites and we *will* be your best friend. Well, not really because we don’t even know you, but, we will promise to make you laugh if you come and check out our live show at the link above. Deal?

  2. Tueday, you should have received the invite just a moment ago.

    That leaves one more… Next person to chime in gets it.

  3. Saha Says:

    i solemnly swear not to show my shake my chest on cam if you give me an invite!

  4. Saha – Denied. Now, if you had sworn the exact opposite… You might be enjoying Seesmic right this second.

    Try again quick before we have another player.

  5. Saha Says:

    lmao it’s ok i have one now, but thanks anyways.

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