Calling All SEOs…

See the neat, tidy little stack of links? I like this. I need to do this on some things.


Can someone teach me how to accomplish this same effect? For instance, perform a search on… “Om Malik” or “John Battelle” or “Seth Godin“.

I’m thinking Google’s Webmaster Tools might tell me how it’s possible to accomplish this. But, if someone could just point me to the “how to” I’d be very appreciative.

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2 Comments on “Calling All SEOs…”

  1. Scott Stone Says:


    In general, you can’t control when Google will “profile” your site in this manner. It does so in a formulaic way, and if it can discern departments. Obviously, it depends on the site and they don’t exactly release the criteria. But the obvious thing is that you have to have a nav structure and content organized for them to work on it. I typically see it only when looking for a website in particular, and hardly ever when looking for a keyword or phrase. It quite likely won’t show up in a competitive keyword search, but would in a brand search.

    They have tools for it in Webmaster tools, but I think the extent of them is more to delete the subcategories than it is to suggest them or edit them. I could be wrong since I haven’t looked at it in a while, but that was my recollection last time I was in it.

  2. JohnMu Says:

    Hi Gerald, take a look at our help center topic on Sitelinks at – the feature in Webmaster Tools (where you can remove them, if you want to) is detailed in

    Hope it helps!

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