New Safari Seed Posted

Safari for Mac OS X Leopard Seed 9B4009a (only compatible with the 10.5.2 seed) was posted to the ADC recently (link here). This simply means there’s an update coming to the stage sometime soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your software update pinging for updates. As for details of what’s new… It’s downloading in the background now so there’s not much for me to tell about it. There is a ReadMe file. Pretty sure it’s not OK for me to divulge the details due to developer NDA.

The latest public release version of Safari is 3.0.4. This updater (which contains PPC and a Universal versions) takes it to 3.1.0.

I’m generally lukewarm on Safari. Yes, it’s fast. Yes, it’s nicely integrated into the OS (syncing to .mac and all). IMHO it has some serious limitations in the ‘extensions’ department though (comparatively few exist). I’ve extended FireFox to the point I’m no longer sure what’s stock and what’s not. Anyway, it’s not a slight toward Safari. Truth be told, I’m hopeful the Safari browser will find a way to surge past FireFox as I’ve built quite a bunch of bookmarks on the iPhone which makes for a pain to keep sync’d with FireFox. I’d prefer to consolidate all that stuff (or have an app in the middle arbitrating and unifying the various bits from here and there).

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