Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise

Steve Clayton’s Business Card

Don’t be fooled, Steve Clayton’s a geek’s geek and he’d like a visit from you to his blog.

Steve’s been a Chief Technical Officer at a little company you’ll recognize fairly quickly and now has daily adventures in their International Software + Services group and, as he puts it, “other black operations” he can’t discuss. Oooohhh… if that doesn’t hook you, nothing will.

I first met him at the London Geek Dinner this past December thanks to an intro by Hugh Mcleod and have been a follower of his blog + his twitterings and am shamelessly plugging him in order to snag that LinkedIn connection he promised me in London. So, Steve… How in the world can a bloke introduce people to you and now NOT be considered a friend? (Checkmate?)

In all seriousness, his thoughts on the industry are very good. He’s clearly a fun fellow and keeps an interesting cadre of ‘technical stuff’ in his magic bag of tricks. I think you’ll enjoy adding his blog to your bookmarks or subscribing to his RSS feed.

It’s also a great opportunity to recommend Hugh Mcleod’s artwork (which is pictured above) for your very own business or calling cards. Hugh’s a tremendously gifted person. Generous to a fault and interesting as the day is long. Oh, he’s blogging his adventures too.

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2 Comments on “Steve Clayton: Geek In Disguise”

  1. checkmate indeed 🙂 thanks for the very kind words and sorry about the LinkedIn thing…nothing personal, it’s just that I’ve never used LinkedIn and don’t plan to. It’s just never been my kind of thing…despite facebook being so 🙂

    i’m tidying up my blogroll and adding you which I hope makes up somewhat!

    cheers and hope to see you soon!


  2. No big deal whatsoever. Hope all’s well and may see you in London later in the month if current schedule holds.

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