Cracked Technorati’s Top 100,000

Gwhiz’ Technorati Rank

Well, that certainly was fun. Achieved one of my blogging goals for the year already. Had an extra cuppa to celebrate.

Think I’ll make a stretch goal of hitting top 50,000 by year’s end. But, in order to do that I really, really need some folks to favorite the gWHIZ blog at Technorati. (Yes, it’s a game I’m playing… stroke-the-ego and all that. But, it’s for a good cause after all.)

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5 Comments on “Cracked Technorati’s Top 100,000”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Done, but just because you asked nicely.

  2. TDavid Says:

    Congratulations, I favorited for you. And if you feel the love (valentine’s day, love is everywhere!):

  3. TDavid, I’m a day ahead of you. Faved you yesterday or the day before. But I’ll highly recommend it to others by way of this comment. Namaste.

  4. TDavid Says:

    Thanks Gerald 🙂

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