JOKE: You Can Have Me If You Can Catch Me

It occurred to me during the telling of this joke… I’ve never once blogged a joke here on the gWHIZ blog. Shame on me.

So, there’s this very obese fellow every bit 400 lbs can’t stop thinking about sex. He goes to his pastor and describes his dilemma: “Pastor, I can’t get this off my mind. It’s a healthy obsession that just won’t go away. Nice girls won’t go out with me though. I don’t stand a chance. Help!”

Pastor eyes him mindfully, “Son, how bad is this? Really? Are you to the point you’d do anything to get this resolved?”

“Oh my, yes! Absolutely”

“Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to have a knock on the door tomorrow morning. Just do what you’re asked. Everything will be fine. OK?”

“Sure! Thank you so much!!”

Next day, knock-knock-knock on the door. Our friend opens the door and there is this pleasant, pretty lady in her jogging suit. “Hi, pastor said if you could catch me I should give myself to you. Ready?”

“Huh?!”  ZIP! She’s off to the races and our not so little friend falls to the ground gasping for air before he gets to the end of his sidewalk.

This goes on for weeks. Every day same thing. But, he’s getting a little farther each day until one day he’s almost get her.

“Next day! I’m catching her!”

Knock-knock-knock. He opens the door, running shoes laced and ready FTW. And to his surprise… a rather large lady is smiling back at him saying through a huge grin, “Hi, pastor said  if I could catch you would know what to do.”

Happy Valentines Day out there.

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