Oklahoma Aquarium

Oklahoma Aquarium

The Oklahoma Aquarium located just south of Tulsa has really come a long way in the past couple years. There once was a time when I’d say, “Gee, what’s there to do in this town.” No longer! We have the nation’s most popular zoo, the spectacular aquarium, sports teams, lots of night life and a cost of living that can’t be beat.

We took the kids to the aquarium yesterday, bought a family pass for the year and they absolutely LOVE it. The walkthrough shark tank was a massive hit. The jelly fish and sea-horses too. Best of all was the petting tank with the rays and sand sharks. The sea-turtle and otter exhibits should be cool too once they’re completed.

So, if you ever find yourself in Tulsa for, oh a Google interview (no, seriously, their newest data center is here)… make sure you spend some time visiting the local attractions. Tulsa’s a great place to call home.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Gerald Buckley ©2008. All rights reserved.)

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3 Comments on “Oklahoma Aquarium”

  1. Dan F. Says:

    I’m disappointed to see how expensive admission to the aquarium has become. Back when it first opened, we bought a family membership for $75. Now, a single trip with my family of three, including my son who just turned 3 years old, would cost us $38. That makes for a very expensive family outing.


  2. @Dan – We considered paying full fare or springing for the family membership ($85 which was easily the better value). Glad we did. The kids loved it. Gives Michelle another good activity for the kids and supports one of Tulsa’s (well, Jenks’) VERY BEST attractions.

  3. FreeWine Says:

    Nice article!
    Two things that keep us driving up to Tulsa regularly are Korean Food and the Oklahoma Food Coop. The Korean Garden offers fare you won’t find in many parts of the Sooner State!

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