Nasty Little Hobbitses (OSX Problems)

~ Yes, there’s trouble in paradise. ~

My laptops won’t restart or shutdown for some odd reason without me first going to the terminal, going su and performing a “shutdown -r now” which will take everything down and reboot.

However, now… my updates aren’t playing nice either. I’ve created a new user on the machine thinking something in my user profile is borked. No joy.

Anyone out there have any wisdom to share? I’ve gone to the Console to watch logs and if there’s a clue in there… I’m sure not seeing it.

[EDIT: Should have mentioned. This laptop is running 10.5.2. I downloaded the files without performing the updates automatically and performed all but the Leopard Graphics Update manually.]

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2 Comments on “Nasty Little Hobbitses (OSX Problems)”

  1. Indro Says:

    Do you have disk warrior? If you do, you should boot from it and run the repair volume function.

    If you don’t, do you have a bootable backup? If you do, then you should boot off it and run disk utilities repair function. Then run the permissions repair function.

    If you don’t, launch Disk Utility in your Application>Utilities folder, and repair permissions. After that, reboot.

    If that doesn’t solve your problem, reboot. Hold down Command and S keys during the reboot. You are going to get a terminal screen. Type fsck -fd and hit enter. After it is run, and the command prompt is back, type reboot. If that doesn’t solve your problem you are looking at back up to external hard drive and re-install everything from scratch. Sorry.

  2. @Indro – Am repairing permissions now. Suspect that’s not going to solve it for me as the problem is consistent across users. Fully hoping I’m wrong and you’re right. Prepared for the worst in any case (backed up and ready for the joys of pwnrship).

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