Alternate Ending “I Am Legend”

Michelle and I watched I Am Legend last night. We’re so unfair to film-makers. We pick the things apart like chicken from the bone. IAL left a little to pick nits on (like how did the heroine make it onto Manhattan if the bridges were blown up… maybe a few bridges were spared? I dunno.)

So, googling around for inconsistencies actually derailed me this afternoon. Instead I found a clip of an alternate ending that, for story line and cinematics, is far better. Wish they had thought to do that for No Country for Old Men 🙂

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2 Comments on “Alternate Ending “I Am Legend””

  1. Arvell Says:

    Thank Gerald that is truly a great find!

    I just rented this last week – and felt it was lacking something in the end.

  2. @Arvell – The studio totally pandered to the box office on the released ending. Go with the safe ending. Don’t leave people itchy or squirming in their seats. Don’t try to “say anything” too controversial. BAH!

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