Leopard Server 10.5.2 on ADC (Build 9C31)

So, in my typical A.D.D. state of mind yesterday I totally neglected to tell my fellow ADC’ers out there… 10.5.2 has been reseeded as of 3/26/2008. Go check it out… (Select / Premier membership required, but you already knew that)

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3 Comments on “Leopard Server 10.5.2 on ADC (Build 9C31)”

  1. Mark Says:

    Heh, I spotted that yesterday and was practically apoplectic, hunting around for about 5 minutes for the 10.5.2 client…when all of a sudden it dawned on me that I’d been running 10.5.2 for a few months now! Oops. I wonder why the server version was delayed so long.

  2. Tongue planted firmly in cheek… Recall Leopard was delayed due to iPhone’s OS? Could it be all the Server crew was banging on iPhone OS 2? Hell, let’s start the rumor anyway.

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