Time Capsule v. Time Machine Server

Doubt I’ll be buying a Time Capsule any time soon. Apple emailed me this morning touting the “Automatic wireless backup” of my Mac. Unless I have a MacBook Air (which I don’t and won’t) why the hell would I want to backup via wireless?

Yeah, OK, doing an incremental backup of small docs, or incremental changes in my iTunes Library and address book I can see. But, when I’m wrenching on big Photoshop docs or Final Cut Studio projects on my MacBook Pro… Um, no. Don’t think that’s gonna fly.

So, I guess the question is this… How long is it before the Time Capsule goes the way of the dog that was the iPod HiFi? Obviously this is a consumer grade product but with an appeal to a very small, niche group (within an already small niche group of Mac owners). I don’t get it.

Now, in the office environment there’s a totally different story at play. Time Machine Server! Whoa daddy! That is some cool stuff Apple’s got going on. Retrospect Server can kiss my bippee. We now have an enterprise class “cool factor” beyond reckoning and the safety in numbers I’d expect from Apple. Question is… how does it play via VPN.

Anyone out there with any firsthand experience? VPN and Time Machine together?

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2 Comments on “Time Capsule v. Time Machine Server”

  1. Gary Szabo Says:

    This may be old news, but I think it’s worth sharing: I just finished setting up a new XServe with Leopard Server, and I loved how you can assign any share point to be a Time Machine backup destination. So then you have a sharepoint (on the RAID array, no less) that Time Machine clients recognize as a place to throw their sparseimage. And then we can use the server’s copy of Time Machine to back up the whole mess to a large removeable disk. Belt AND suspenders!

  2. ed Says:

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