Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards

Mayor Kathy Taylor delivered the inaugural opening of the Tulsa Spirit Award tonight by stating, “We want Tulsa to be the innovation capital of the U.S.”

I totally believe we can do this. I’m a huge champion of Tulsa. Love the city. Love the pace. Love everything about it (including a GREAT cost of living you won’t find ANYWHERE else in America). It’s a really fine place to start a business for a variety of reasons. Geographically centered. Lots of good stuff in the plus column.

There  are some detractors and we have openly begun the discussion of minimizing those or mitigating them in other ways. The cool thing… This is all going to be done in the light of day. Openly. Transparently and with a lot of windows left ajar for all to watch the process. Excited to be an active participant!

[EDIT: There is now a LinkedIn Group for the Tulsa Spirit Awards. Open to all!]

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2 Comments on “Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    You can beat it in Lawton,OK. We are cheaper!

  2. Well, OK, you *CAN* find a better cost of living. It’s still going to be within the Oklahoma borders though! 🙂

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