REVIEW: Adesso Flexible Keyboard

Don’t know if you’ve ever needed to tote a keyboard around or use one under damp or outright wet conditions. If so, you might read on.

I received an invite to evaluate the Adesso AKB-230W. It’s an extended full Windows keyboard. So, right off I’ve had to adjust to control-alt-option keys being in the wrong place for my Mac OS. Aside from that it’s certainly a FLEXIBLE keyboard embedded in silicone.

I worked on a product development team to develop a fruit roll up style keyboard back in the early 90’s. It was an ADB powered device. It could take a LOT of abuse, was waterproof but unlike the Adesso it was NOT dependent on spring-loaded keys.

I bring this up because the Adesso keyboard has spring loaded keys and the least little shifting sets them off.

As keyboards go, it works as advertised (on a Mac even) and had a natural full-size, keyboard feel to it. PS/2 and USB connections. Yes, it contorts reasonably well. But, if it was expected to work on a lap or something that would introduce contortion while in service… You’ll not be a happy camper.

PROS: It’s fully waterproof (Yes, I asked permission to dunk it) and plug-n-play.

CONS: It attracts lint and crud like a black suit. Good thing it’s washable 🙂 Being flexible like it is… there are some interesting possibilities and environments where it will be ideally suited. The packaging is uninspiring (I know, nit-picky… I’m a Mac guy though… what’d you expect!?)

With a little more product development and testing this could be turned into something truly interesting. As is… I give it a B-

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