APPROVED: Google AppEngine (Pics)

That late night paid off last night… I’m approved as one of the 10,000 few App Engine developers. Not that I’ll do much with it other than tinker under the hood a bit and monitor what everyone else has to say.

I’m also an approved AWS “developer” although the only thing I’ve done with that is park some files on S3. Yeah, well, anyone can do THAT right?

This is the “Welcome”

This is having created an “app”. A placeholder really. The hard work comes later.

And this is the “Dashboard”

What’s interesting to me is that Amazon, Google and all the really large infrastructure plays out there are getting into this game and subtracting a LOT of the risk of trying something out of the equation for us startups. I don’t pretend to know who has the better offering for any given situation. It’s clear to me though that if I’m a startup or an established player looking to offset my expensive capital purchases by leveraging someone elses on a metered basis (ala Amazon… or fill-in-the-blank-here) you bet I’m going to make a case for that.

The fact these solutions inherit their physical scalability is a bonus (should we be fortunate to have that need). Better still, is the part of the equation that lets me reprioritize my cash and focus on creating a killer online experience. I fully understand some financial backers are going to want to see a Digex, EDS or a RackSpace pumping out the bits/bytes. In this day and age when a Twitter, Qik or a SmugMug can leverage the infrastructure of someone else to good effect… I don’t see the need to spend your cash that way.

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